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Ruthless Audio 1500.4

Ruthless Audio 1500.4


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The 1500.4 is a powerhouse for its size. Capable of 250 watts at 4 ohm per channel or 450 at 2 ohm or 900x2 bridged at 4ohm. Class D technology.


250x4 at 4ohm 14.4v

450x4 at 2ohm 14.4v

900x2 at 4ohm bridged 14.4v

tiffany inputs

Operational voltage 8-16

1/0 inputs 

Clip Light Function 

Input Sensitivity 6v-.2v

HP 20hz-800hz (x10 multiply) 200hz-8khz

LP 50hz-800hz (x10 multiply) 500hz-8khz

THD @ 4ohm > .01

200amp fuse

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